About Us

North East Fasteners (NEF) has specialized in manufacturing high-quality fasteners since 1963. Our steady growth allows continuous expansion to both product lines and facilities.

NEF’s founder, Robert J. Webster, had early on envisioned miniaturization as a key niche and built a company tying every aspect of its roots to that vision.

Company Founder, Robert J. Webster

Company Founder,
Robert J. Webster

“We know that a product’s integrity depends on the design, quality and reliability of the parts that go into it.

That’s why we put so much thought into the way we manufacture our fasteners.”

-Robert J. Webster

Today, NEF produces larger size ranges up to #10’s and M5’s.

Many changes have taken place throughout the years but the focus on values always remains the same, attributing to NEF’s ability to retain a loyal following of its original customers.

With the launch of 100% digital inspection, NEF continues to deliver unmatched precision performance in every aspect of manufacturing – from the quote to the delivered product.